The Rotterdam Boatshow

Meer informatie voor Exposanten

The Timetable

At the Rotterdam Boatshow there is ofcourse a whole day planned out to amuse and entertain you. The timetable below shows who is performing and when!

Location The Kooren Terminal is only accessible for VIP-Guests.

At the Rotterdam Boat Show there is of course also a program to keep you entertained. You can see who is performing when on the timetable!

Click here for the Timetable.

Location The Kooren Terminal is only accessible for VIP-Guests.

General information

  • The show is opened daily from 12:00 to 19:00 with exclusive VIP access till 21:00.
  • Kaartverkoop aan de deur – Mocht u nog geen kaart hebben kan dit nog online, of tijdens de show bij de ingang per pin. 

VIP Entrance

As a VIP guest at the Rotterdam Boatshow you will receive a special welcome with exclusive access to the VIP Pavilion de Kooren Terminal, and special culinary delights from caterer Vanderloo. 

You also have access to the exclusive after-drink from 19:00 to 21:00 at the
VIP Pavilion.

Parking information

  • Admiraliteitskade 36, ”Parking You”
  • 20 euro's per day (only pin possible)
  • Doorrijhoogte 1,85m (uw G-Wagon past niet 😉)

We proudly present the exhibitors of 2023!

There will be a lot more to come.... stay tuned!

From 7 till the 10th of April