Rotterdam Boat Show 2023!

From 7 till the 10th of April

Let op! De ingang en tevens de parkeergarage is ter hoogte van Admiraliteitskade 36.

The Rotterdam Boat Show

ROTTERDAM – From 7 till the 10th of April 2023, marina ‘De Rotterdamsche Admiraliteit’ will once again be transformed into an elegant and exclusive exhibition location where the most prestigious yachts, tenders and suppliers of international shipyards are presented.

Since the realization of the marina in 2014, marina master André Eleveld has grown this location into a port with 100 permanent dock spots and 25 places for by-passers. The location in the bustling center of Rotterdam, directly on the Maas, is very popular and lends itself extremely well to a luxurious and exclusive event aimed at the higher segment of water sports.

Together with Andre wijbenga, André Eleveld has taken on the organization of this unique event, because it fits so well with Rotterdam and the port of Rotterdam.


Tickets now available!

  • Regular:     55,- Euros
  • VIP*:             110,- Euros

*With exclusive access to the VIP pavilion, including unlimited gastronomic class snacks and drinks!

What To Expect

At the Rotterdam Boat Show

Luxury yachts and tenders

The Rotterdam Boat Show would not be a Boat Show without the most luxurious luxury yachts and tenders of (inter)national manufacturers. 

The organization is proud of the large presence of the most prestigious Dutch shipyards, internationally acclaimed and now finally presented in its own country according to dignity.

Of course, the range is broader than just homegrown, exclusive brands such as Sunseeker and Princess are also present! 

Like-minded company

Everyone is welcome at the Rotterdam Boat Show, yet the focus is on people with an eye and appreciation for prestige goods.

For the exhibitors, this means a goal-oriented and genuine interest in their products.
For visitors, this means that the Rotterdam Boat Show can engage in deep conversation without obligations.

Of course, the necessary entertainment is available and you will be provided with all the conveniences you need.

Culinary delights

This year we will take it to the next level at the Rotterdam Boat Show; Several valued partners will provide you with culinary surprises.

The VIP is again served by an exclusive caterer. Are you ready for the delicious onebites and the abundance of bubbles?

The regular guest is of course also thought of, because at the Rotterdam Boat Show the word regular does not apply at all. Let us surprise you! 

Prestigious goods

You read it right, prestigious goods, because the Rotterdam Boat Show is all about luxury in the broadest sense of the word.

Exclusive cars, haute couture and precious jewelry can all be found at the Rotterdam Boat Show. 

Yes, your other half with less interest in water sports will also feel completely at home here!

We proudly present the exhibitors of 2023!

There will be a lot more to come.... stay tuned!

From 7 till the 10th of April